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About Us

S.B.M.S. College, Sualkuchi, Assam

Sualkuchi Budram Madhab Satradhikar College, Sualkuchi is a premier institution of higher education for both men and women. The college was established on the 1st August 1963. The college has been titled in the sweet memories of two great Vaishnavite monks of Sualkuchi. They are Late Budram Mahanta, a saintly person and Late Madhab Mahanta who donated 42 bighas of land for the cause of higher education in Sualkuchi.Sualkuchi, famous for its Silk and Muga industries, is situated on the North bank of river Brahmaputra. Most people of this village are industrious and hospitable. Their great love for education led them to venture the establishment of this institution of higher education.

The college was established with the help of public donation of the locality. Some special donors for the establishment of the college were Late Hrishikesh Dewan, Late Lohit Dewan and Sarukhel Goyan Raij Gairah.

The founder president was Late Ganesh Ch. Das, Vice-President was Late Dr. Narayan Ch. Kakati. Founder Jt. Secretaries were Late Hem Kanta Das and Ex-Head of the Department of History Prof. Karmeswar Baishya. The college came under the deficit system of grants-in-aid in December 1972.

The college has a highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff. The members besides teaching and students for better results, also try to improve their own faculties by doing research work and the way was shown by the founder principal Late T. C. Rastogi himself when he was in service here. This tradition has been imbibed by other teachers and some members of the teaching staff have obtained Ph. D. degrees in different subjects. Besides, six members have done their M. Phil. and some others are doing research leading to M. Phil. and Ph.D. Quite a number of teachers of Arts and Science faculties have shown their excellence by taking part in seminars at national as well as international levels. The faculty also shows a keen interest in publishing books, journals and news bulletin regularly.

Starting with just about two hundred students in the year of inception, it is now the foremost institution of greater Sualkuchi. The college opens the floodgate to women's higher education also. At present the college has almost thousand students. The college is proud of having good results every year.

S.B.M.S. College Library

The Sualkuchi Budram Madhab Satradhikar College Library was started in the year 1963. It was initially housed in a single room of the College. When the volume of the books started increasing, the Library was shifted to an independent building. Late Harbilash Baishya was the first Librarian of this Library. The Present Library is located centrally within the College Campus. It was conventionally accessible by the user community.

The S.B.M.S. College Library is using SOUL 2.0 software for library automation. All the data entry operation is completed in the year 2015 and presently bar-coding is on the way. The college procure all the barcoding equipment like barcode printer, barcode scanner and slip printer in the year 2015 itself.

Digital Library of S.B.M.S. College

The Digital Library of S.B.M.S. College provides off-campus access to a wide range of online journals, books and databases. The collection that are incorporated in the digital library includes N-LIST, other free e-journals, e-books, previous years questions papers of H.S. (Arts), H.S. (Science) B.A., B.Sc. examinations conducted by Gauhati University. It also include the faculty publications of the S.B.M.S. College, college publications like college magazine, college newsletter, reports prepared by the college for submission to different agencies and so on.

The Digital Library of S.B. M. S. College also has the facilities to provide SMS and Email alert services to its members. It has a dedicated SMS Channel, Blog and RSS feed. The most popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are also integrated into the digital library so that the stakeholders can keep in touch with the library wherever they are.

There is an exclusive section to access the digital library of S.B.M.S. College. The digital section of the library enrich with one computer kiosk to browse the Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue), 5 computers (for college staff and students), two computers for library staff, one server, two printers, two scanners and one Xerox machine.

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Message from the Desk of Principal

Dear Readers, Greetings from S.B.M.S. College, Sualkuchi, Assam. A Library is always a ‘world in miniature’ where one receives a ‘training for life’, where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. We are committed to provide that learning facilities to our readers so that they can excel in life.
Dr. Dipesh Ch. Bhagabati

Message from the Desk of Librarian

We are committed to traditional Indian values and culture, but we also recognize the need for a global perspective in education. Education is learning, not only how to succeed in life and make money or hold positions, but also, how to fail and stand up again, having the courage and strength to walk on the path of truth, humility and hard work.
Mrs. Geetali Das